Game rules

The aim of this typing game is to write the words using your keyboard before they fall down. The higher the level of falling speed or word length the more points you may earn. A player looses points if he doesn't succeed to type the word while it is appearing on the screen.

Player can choose falling speed and word length to suit his typing skills. Speed has 4 levels and one extra named "turtle" which is for the typing beginners. Word length has 4 levels as well - first level holds words from 6 letters and less, second - 7-8 letters, third - 9-10 letters and fourth - more than 11 letters. Extra option for word length is "varied" which uses all the words in a dictionary in a random order. We definitely recommend to choose the combination of these two options so that you could hardly type in time and let the ardor rule over you.

If player changes speed or length options during the game play - current score will be annulated and the counting will start from zero. If you wish to add your score to the Qwertype hi-score table and compete with the others, press "view scores" button while playing.


According to your typing skills you can enter three different Qwertype leagues - A, B and C. The harder speed and length levels bring you to the higher league. "Fastest" and "Most accurate" typing scores show up in the table only when a player scores a certain amount of points or types enough letter characters correctly.


Player gets extra bonus points if he types 5 words in a row without letting them fall down. If you avoid mistakes while typing, eventually your scored points are being doubled, tripled and so on until you make a mistake.

Good luck typing!


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